Cash management

Cash management solutions for all types of establishments

In order to ensure cash flow in an establishment and avoid unknown losses, the cash management solution was created. With the implementation of this system, the entire payment process is automated and cash is managed directly by the customer, out of reach of the staff.
Supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, tobacco shops, and any establishment with a high volume of cash flow can benefit from this cash management solution. In this way, each business places the customer at the core of the process and thereby improves their experience.
Although customers are the main beneficiaries of this system, the staff of the establishment, along with the owner, also receive great benefits from the implementation of this cash management solution.
As the payment process is automated, the loss of unknown amounts is eliminated, whether due to change errors or simple theft of money. In addition, the risk of robberies is reduced, as no employee has access to cash. These two advantages provide both a decrease in staff responsibility and a state of peace of mind for the owner.

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How does cash management work?

The employee enters the amount the customer must pay into the device, and the customer inserts the bills and/or coins. The income is then recorded in the cash register and the device returns the change to the customer. It is similar to a parking device, but with the help of an employee at the cash register always available.


  • Integrates with any software.
  • Automatically controls the entire cash process.
  • Minimizes the time for all operations.
  • Provides security against possible theft and unknown losses.
  • All operations are monitored.
  • Allows for multi-station use, with multiple cash registers connected to a single cash management system.
  • Transactions are performed at maximum speed, taking less than 2 seconds per operation.
  • Change is returned automatically and accurately.
  • Enables faster and more secure staff rotations.

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